Monday, June 11, 2012

The Introduction!

Welcome! You are now taking your first steps You are now taking your first scroll of The Anon Bloggers Extras Blog!

This will be where I place bonus content for certain posts, so that you, dear reader, can have more fun and more interaction.

For example, if I start an interactive post on the main blog, then this is where the links will send you, and from now on, this is where the polls will take place!

I will try to place bonus content on many of my posts though you can expect a little lack during the school times, so don’t be upset if the bonus content slows down. Otherwise, this is a place for fun, so when you see bonus content, get excited!

To avoid some confusion, let’s set up a few guidelines (Yay! I know you were looking forward to this part).

Guidelines for the Extra Blog:
1. All links and context to the Extra Blog are from the main blog, so you should not subscribe to this blog in any way because it will just clutter your inbox.
2. There is no way to get a link for a post before it is posted on Blogger or make posts private (stinks right!), so if a link is not up yet right when a post is posted don’t be scared. It will be posted shortly.
3. If it is a day after and a link is not posted within a day. Then leave a comment or message my Facebook page, and after scolding myself in front of the mirror, I will correct it.
4. Many of the posts on this blog will be challenges and games, so feel free to share with all your friends and see who can get further :)
5. If you ever want to just return to the original post or to the main blog there will always be links below.

So explore, share, and enjoy! ß(I know cliché, but let’s face it, clichés are awesome)

Links back to the source:

Awesome Links:

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