Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hot Vs. Cold: Which Reigns Supreme (Bonus Content)


In this weeks bonus content, we get truly interactive. First, I give you a poll based on this weeks bonus content below where you tell me your opinions.

“But wait,” you ask, “we had a poll last week and a message for our choice. How is this different?”

Very good question. You are very perceptive. This week, I will not only be asking you to vote, but I will be asking you to write an argument for your choice in the comments below. I will choose my favorite comments, and create posts linking here, crediting the commenter.

Leave your name under the comment (or whatever name you want me to give that is PG), and if you want, you can leave a link to go with the comment if I choose yours. You do not need a Google account to leave a comment. The picked comments will be whatever I think is particularly funny, well said, smart, or basically anything else. (This has no deadline as of now, so even if there are already links to other commenters I’ve chose feel free to keep commenting).
Just keep the comments under 200 words.

So vote and tell me your opinion below, and you could permanently be part of this week’s bonus content.

-The Anon Blogger

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Anonymous said...

Cold weather equals snow. Snow equals no school. No school equals happy me. So cold weather equals happy me by transitive property. I wouldn't have to know that if there was more snow!

Michael E. East said...

Perfect weather is slightly warm, dappled sunlight, and a cool evenign breeze.

Michael E. East.

Bhavani K said...

Perfect weather for me is when it's windy and warm along with the sun shining above.
Sun = Happy :D

ViolaFury said...

I just don't want to get too hot or too cold. I also would love to have a job where I sit beside a waterful, work 2 hours a day and make 100k a year. Thanks.

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