Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fortune #6

1. You will begin to read a fortune on The Anon Blogger’s blog, but slowly realize that this fortune is simply stating that you will be reading this very text, leading to a slight disappointment. 

2. Next, you will be slightly amused by the ploy, but become less amused as you notice the rest of the fortune.

3. Then, you will slowly lose interest in the content of the fortune due to the writer’s rambling on about you losing interest. 

4. Eventually, you will begin to wonder what exactly the point of this is.

6. After, you will ask yourself why came to this fortune in the first place.

7. Lastly, you will have lost focus to such a degree that you probably didn’t notice there was no 5. 

(If you did notice, congrats. Tell me in the comments below).

-The Anon Blogger


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Rum-Punch Drunk said...

4th visit. I don't care now, I'm looking for my fortune mate.

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