Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Clever Name (Bonus Content): Jobs

You are going into a job interview for the job of your dreams. You were shocked when you got the interview and don’t want to mess it up. It’s going to be tough though. After all, one of the other applicants is the man with the extra arm.

The secretary calls you into the interviewers office, and she asks you to sit down. The interviewer shuts the window shades, causing the man washing the window to fall backwards. She sits down.

“Hello Mr. [Insert Your Last Name Here], welcome! I want to ask you a few questions,“ she says, looking at her clipboard.

Phew, you think to yourself. She’s calling you by your last name, so you don’t have to reveal your name. After all, your parents gave you a name pronounced ‘Gary’ but spelled ‘Josh,’ and revealing this might make you sound weird!

After a series of questions about your skill sets, prior experience, work-out schedule, and social security number, she says, “tell me something interesting about yourself”

Your name is interesting, but that could be risky.

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