Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Story of Glasses And The Really Long Wait It Took To Get Them (Bonus Content)

Welcome to the BONUS CONTENT PAGE!

This week’s bonus content is a small Choose Your Own Adventure Story. After each post there will be a series of choices, which you, dear readers, can choose from. Just click the link for your choice and you will brought there by magic. Well actually the internet will do it, but I have no idea how the internet works, so let’s just say it’s magic. Here it is:

Your glasses broke (Oh no!), so you go to the optometrist to fix them.

“Hmm…” he says, “it seems as if your glasses are broken. Let me confirm though.” He takes out a sledgehammer and smashes it on your glasses. “Yes definitely broken…Come back in about a week and they will be ready.” He walks to his backroom with your glasses and the sledgehammer in hand.

You walk out, hearing a loud bang, as if a large object had hit the floor, behind you and a man’s voice screaming, “Ow, my foot.”

A week later, you have a choice.

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ViolaFury said...

You're as bad as I am, only in my case, it's let's give our blog(s) really long stupid names that no one will ever, ever remember. Like homelesschroniclesintampa, or shitifoundonthesidewalk (now more or less defunct) or runescapereportfromthefrontlines (dead and bureid). See what I mean? Great blog though, I love it! Mary

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