Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Cow Pun Challenge: Fun Facts

Hey all,
Welcome to segment I thought would be fun called "Fun Facts." Here I post some fun facts into what went into this week's post. If you guys like the segment, I'll continue it.

1. The story at the beginning is true, and some of the puns are one I remember using in the conversation.

2. In the cow picture, I made sure to give the cow four mammary glands on its udder. Yay for Google and Wikipedia!

3. I also just used Wikipedia to look up what mammary glands are.

4. The original upload of the cow was actually a bit longer. One man said, "it looks like a cat with udders."

5. I've had this post stored for a while but was afraid it wouldn't catch on so waited until now to post it. We shall see how the public reacts.

6. The idea of a pun post came much before this post and I had actually hoped to make it a video, but it would break my anonymousness. 

There are the fun facts of the week feel free to leave your reactions for the post below and if you want to talk, just message my facebook page the link is below!

-The Anon Blogger

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